How to identify duplicates after adding missing abstracts?

I've been using StArt (v 3.0 beta 1) since a month ago and I find it useful for the systematic review I'm carrying out. However, after imported my searches I realized that a great number of articles had their abstracts missing - it was my mistake when exporting the bib files from the databases (ACM, IEEE, Scopus). I started adding the missing abstracts, one by one, and it is OK now. But I see several duplicates in Execution > Selection > Unclassified Papers.

How can I identify the duplicate ones automatically? Is there an option to re-identify the duplicate papers after updating their abstracts? Or do I have to resort identifying them manually? If there is no option but doing it manually, it could be a great option to add to the software.

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Hello! Unfortunately, in the current version, the automatic identification of duplicates is possible only at the first time you load your papers from the file (BibTex, RIS, Medline). Once you have loaded the papers, there is no option to re-apply the identification of duplicates. However, this is a great idea to be added to the tool. We hope to have it available in future versions soon.
    Thank you for using StArt.
    StArt team
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